CSymCipKeyGenerate Class Reference

#include <SymCipKeyGenerate.h>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 CSymCipKeyGenerate ()
 ~CSymCipKeyGenerate ()
void CorrectKeyParityBits (byte *key, int keyLength)
void GenerateKey ()
virtual BOOL OnSetActive ()
virtual void OnOK ()
virtual BOOL OnApply ()
virtual void OnCancel ()

Public Attributes

BOOL dirtyPage
int m_symCipKeyByteSize
char * m_symCipKeySizeCharArrayPtr
int m_symCipKeyStrength
BYTE * m_kBuffer
int m_weakKeyIdx
int m_semiWeakKeyIdx
DWORD m_dwFileDialogFlags
CString szFilter

Protected Member Functions

virtual void DoDataExchange (CDataExchange *pDX)
bool CheckParity (byte b)
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioWeakKey ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioSemiWeakKey ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioRandomKey ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGenerateKey ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedSave ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeProppageSymCipKeyGenerateWeakKeyCombo ()
afx_msg void OnSelchangeProppageSymCipKeyGenerateSemiWeakKeyCombo ()
afx_msg void OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedLoad ()

Detailed Description

Symmetric cipher key generation dialog

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSymCipKeyGenerate::CSymCipKeyGenerate (  ) 

CSymCipKeyGenerate default constructor

CSymCipKeyGenerate::~CSymCipKeyGenerate (  ) 

CSymCipKeyGenerate destructor

Member Function Documentation

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::CorrectKeyParityBits ( byte *  key,
int  keyLength 


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::GenerateKey (  ) 

BOOL CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnSetActive (  )  [virtual]


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnOK (  )  [virtual]

OnOK - determine what to do when OK button pressed in symmetric key window

BOOL CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnApply (  )  [virtual]


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnCancel (  )  [virtual]

OnCancel - handle user request to cancel from key window

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::DoDataExchange ( CDataExchange *  pDX  )  [protected, virtual]


bool CSymCipKeyGenerate::CheckParity ( byte  b  )  [protected]


BOOL CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnInitDialog (  )  [protected, virtual]


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioWeakKey (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioWeakKey - use a weak key

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioSemiWeakKey (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioSemiWeakKey - use a semi-weak key

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioRandomKey (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateRadioRandomKey - use a random key

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGenerateKey (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateGenerateKey - generate the key

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedSave (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedSave - save the key to a file

void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnSelchangeProppageSymCipKeyGenerateWeakKeyCombo (  )  [protected]


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnSelchangeProppageSymCipKeyGenerateSemiWeakKeyCombo (  )  [protected]


void CSymCipKeyGenerate::OnProppageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedLoad (  )  [protected]

OnPropageSymCipKeyGenerateGeneratedLoad - load a key from file

Member Data Documentation

BOOL CSymCipKeyGenerate::dirtyPage

int CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_symCipKeyByteSize

Holds the key size of the cipher

char* CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_symCipKeySizeCharArrayPtr

int CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_symCipKeyStrength

Key strenght is used for selecting weak or semi-weak DES keys

BYTE* CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_kBuffer

int CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_weakKeyIdx

Used to select a specific DES weak key

int CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_semiWeakKeyIdx

Used to select a specific semi-weak DES key

DWORD CSymCipKeyGenerate::m_dwFileDialogFlags

CString CSymCipKeyGenerate::szFilter

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