CCPUTicker Class Reference

#include <cputicker.h>

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Public Member Functions

void FindOverHead ()
unsigned FindBase ()
double GetFreq ()
 CCPUTicker ()
 CCPUTicker (const CCPUTicker &ticker)
CCPUTickeroperator= (const CCPUTicker &ticker)
__int64 Measure ()
double GetTickCountAsSeconds () const
__int64 GetTickCount () const
BOOL IsAvailable () const

Static Public Member Functions

static BOOL GetCPUFrequency (double &frequency, double &target_ave_dev, unsigned long interval=1000, unsigned int max_loops=20)
static BOOL GetCachedCPUFrequency (double &frequency, double &target_ave_dev)

Public Attributes

unsigned OverHead

Static Protected Member Functions

static BOOL CheckHasRDTSC ()
static BOOL RunningOnNT ()

Protected Attributes

__int64 m_TickCount

Static Protected Attributes

static BOOL m_bHasRDTSC
static BOOL m_bRunningOnNT
static BOOL m_bStaticsCalculated
static double m_deviation
static double m_freq
static BOOL m_bFrequencyCalculated

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCPUTicker::CCPUTicker (  ) 

CCPUTicker::CCPUTicker ( const CCPUTicker ticker  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void CCPUTicker::FindOverHead (  ) 

unsigned CCPUTicker::FindBase (  ) 

double CCPUTicker::GetFreq (  ) 

CCPUTicker & CCPUTicker::operator= ( const CCPUTicker ticker  )  [inline]

__int64 CCPUTicker::Measure (  ) 

double CCPUTicker::GetTickCountAsSeconds (  )  const

__int64 CCPUTicker::GetTickCount (  )  const [inline]

BOOL CCPUTicker::GetCPUFrequency ( double &  frequency,
double &  target_ave_dev,
unsigned long  interval = 1000,
unsigned int  max_loops = 20 
) [static]

BOOL CCPUTicker::GetCachedCPUFrequency ( double &  frequency,
double &  target_ave_dev 
) [static]

BOOL CCPUTicker::IsAvailable (  )  const

BOOL CCPUTicker::CheckHasRDTSC (  )  [static, protected]

BOOL CCPUTicker::RunningOnNT (  )  [static, protected]

Member Data Documentation

unsigned CCPUTicker::OverHead

__int64 CCPUTicker::m_TickCount [protected]

BOOL CCPUTicker::m_bHasRDTSC [static, protected]

BOOL CCPUTicker::m_bRunningOnNT [static, protected]

BOOL CCPUTicker::m_bStaticsCalculated [static, protected]

double CCPUTicker::m_deviation [static, protected]

double CCPUTicker::m_freq [static, protected]

BOOL CCPUTicker::m_bFrequencyCalculated [static, protected]

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